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She's one of the new highfliers blending Detroit's heritage with new European minimalism: Amsterdam based DJ and Producer Chinedum Nwosu a.k.a. Shinedoe.
After her beginnings as a dancer in the rave scene, she began to DJ before starting out as a producer. In her oeuvre, playful melodies and minimalist straightness converge so effortlessly that her tracks fit perfectly into the roster of Detroit inclined 100% Pure label from Amsterdam as well as into the minimal school of Cologne's Trapez. Shinedoe has come to inject the genre with what it's still missing: a salient serving of soul and groove. Word up.

What's your musical background? Was there a special period or even a special track that completely blew you away and made you want to become a DJ and producer?

My musical background is so diverse, I grew up with Jazz, Blues, Classical, Nigeria music (Fela Kuti, Yelloman etc.), Pop, Rock and Hiphop, Electro... I don't have any main influences, I am just influenced by so many styles. I never planned to be a DJ, it started out just wanting to be able to mix two records at home, and this really escalated to where I am now. The reason I wanted to become a producer is because I felt that I can contribute and fill up the gap. I felt that something was often missing in records I heard, I am talking about a certain vibe, soul or groove.

How important is your Nigerian background and generally the African heritage for your creative work?

My Nigerian background is definitely important, I am so happy that my mother and father showed me the importance of that. Nigerian music is about the soul, groove, rhythm and story you want to tell in the music. Some tracks go on for more than 20 minutes, everything in the track has a meaning, it's a spiritual thing also. African music is the core of all dance music, the beats and drums.

I've seen that as a drum'n'bass-DJ you called yourself the "Black Magic Queen".

Yes I did, because I just wanted the guys to know that this Queen is going to drop some quality stuff that is really magical. I still love the music, but at a certain point I got bored, because it got to a point that rave sound was the thing. When I get bored, then I just stop, because music is a pure thing.

You've been a dancer, in your biography you write that your aim was to translate music into movement. Now, as a DJ and producer, you're inspiring the moves of the dancers through your music. But I'd like to know: what is it that you translate into your music? Experiences, your personality...?

What I translate into music are my experiences in life and things I see around me and also my personality. Spirituality is very important in my life. I go to church, if I'm able to, and try to get a deep relationship with God. He gives me the inspiration to make all the music I have released. Without him I can't definitely touch any soul. If you listen to my releases you have to listen to them from the beginning to the end. Especially the deep ones like "Dillema", "Underspell", "Suppression" and "Alpha" etc. These are not tracks just made because they sound good, it goes deeper than that.

What does your every day life in Amsterdam look like? How is the scene in Amsterdam for this kind of techno music?

My every day life looks like this: running a label together with Dylan Hermelijn (a.k.a. 2000 and One), producing, administration, DJing, sports, organizing "Inmotion" etc. I really get good reactions from people around me. But still it's all kept to the underground. It always depends on the contacts you have if you get exposure or not. It doesn't work like in Germany or other countries, if the media and people like your stuff they contact you and give you exposure. Unfortunately it's the other way around in Amsterdam.

As a woman in this still particularly male-dominated field (techno and DJing in gerneral), do you still have to struggle with certain things, like prejudice and stereotyping? What about the "Female Instinct EP"?

I have noticed that some males are surprised that I write and produce my own music. Often I get asked if I work together with someone else. So yeah, you can say that some people still think women can't produce by themselves. The "Female Instinct EP" is so warm and sensitive, of course I was in a certain state when I made this track. But it has noting to do with the struggle with this male-dominated field.

Are you networking with other female DJs and producers in the Netherlands, in Europe, worldwide?

Not yet, but that would be nice if it happened in a natural way, not because we are female. From both sides we'd have to make certain contributions, which would make both of us happy.



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