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sheldon thompson - the bull

How did you come up with the pseudonym "Gringo Grinder" for your album Breakfast Included on Onitor records?

I came up with the name Gringo Grinder from my earlier projects. It was a name merely created as a defense against the criticisms I received from my matador persona "Shelbono Barracuda Del Monte". People would come up to me at my performances with red in their eyes and would preached to me on how bad killing bulls was. I agree, I bring no thought of harm to any animal. I was only trying to express my humor, something that Techno has always lacked. This macho image of a matador is a big joke, who would really want to be that guy in tight pants? Even a bull gets this joke, I know… Gringo Grinder is the bull!

What did you focus on in contrast to your Pan/tone-project?

I wanted to separate myself in parts that a typical Gemini would. I hate focusing on just one sound or building on just one name. It kind of makes me feel like I can not push personal boundaries with one name alone and I have so much more I want to do. Pan/tone has been established for the DJs and dancefloors and with the relationship I have with Sub Static, it has been more appearent that this is what Pan/tone has become. Gringo Grinder draws from my indie rock and pop influences. Utilizing more melodies and vocals. Creating a more sexual feeling within the compositions to showcase a lighter perspective in me.

Have you worked with vocals and singers before?

In the past, I have attempted this in a more freestyle approach by using an MC from Canada who goes by the name Dirty Hans, ha, ha. The name alone made me want to work with him but the surprising result was that he blended well with my music. Our first showcase together was at Mutek. Man, the organizers were pissed when I brought him up on stage unannounced. It was 3pm and the both of us were so drunk on whiskey, but we could do no wrong, for the crowd was rocked!

I have the impression that it was your intention to let the record sound quite organic: the drum-sounds you used, the melodic basslines, guitars. could that be called an indie-rock techno-approach?

You know me well, my son. I am infatuated with all these elements in music. My intention was to make an album that can be played for all occasions. At home, in cars, at clubs, even at orgy gatherings, ha! Now it's for you the listener to decide how this album will take part in your life.

In your opinion, what's the next step (for techno in general): songs with strong character and guitar riffs?

I am not sure what the next step is. When I say this, it's a great thing for me to think because I believe that Techno can still evolve, what it was originally intended to. I love guitar riffs, sure, but there's so many producers out there that will help renovate this genre of ours by utilizing other methods. Women I believe will be the key force in Techno because right now, Techno is a sauage club. In other words: not enough chicks and too many dicks, that kills any movement.

Is Cologne a funky place for Canadian Techno?

Cologne is home now. I make it funky where ever I live because I have so much warmth in me to give coming from a cold ass country such as Canada.



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